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Many of our patients report feeling run-down near the end of January. After a long holiday season that quickly turns over into a new year, patients find that they not only need immediate help, but immune system support all year round. A hectic lifestyle, poor diet, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, and general life stressors can result in the immune system not having the support it needs. The stress of every day life puts a strain on out bodies. We have to supply the body with essential nutrients so when the immune system is called into action, it can respond efficiently and appropriately.

Maintaining a strong immune system with nutritional formulas and herbs can prepare patients for daily stressors and provide foundational support for overall immune system health. If you were going to build a house, you would want the house to be on a sturdy foundation.  The immune system is your foundation that is going to support you through those everyday stressors. When our patients invest in nutritional supplements and and herbs, they are investing in the foundation of their health.

For everyday healthy immune function, Immuplex is a foundational product. It offers broad based immune system support to help the body deal with challenges on a daily basis. Immuplex blends essential micronutrients and minerals as well as Protomorphogen and Cytosol extracts to support the immune system. Just as the body is complex  and should be fed complex, natural foods, the body should be fed complex supplemental formulas as well.